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Future of Copper in Energy Transition

A Note from Ron Thiessen on the Webinar:
"The Future of Copper in the Energy Transition"

Greetings Northern Dynasty supporters,

Last week the world-renowned industry intelligence experts, S&P Global ("S&P"), released an important and exquisitely detailed white paper entitled The Future of Copper: Will the looming supply gap short-circuit the energy transition?

The report highlights that from now until 2035 we need a dramatic 82% increase in global copper production to have any chance of meeting the global low-carbon energy future goals.

For perspective, between now and 2050 we need to mine as much copper as we have mined in the past 5,000 years.

Here is the link to the launch webinar "The Future of Copper in the Energy Transition". I highly recommend you take the time to watch it:

"It is clear to us that the U.S., and frankly the world, are not adequately planning to deliver the raw materials that are necessary to fuel policy initiatives. This is supported by the S&P conclusions that expected copper supply cannot meet copper demand, even if permitting and construction could be accelerated. Politicians, environmental activists and the general public should pay attention to the stark conclusions raised in this report," as I noted in our July 18, 2022 news release.

The report also discusses how copper is already one of the most recycled metals, and that while recycling is expected to increase somewhat in the future there is no way that it can offset the massive increase in demand.

I encourage you to forward the link to anyone you know who might be interested in the future of energy creation. We all need to be part of the discussion.

Thank you,

Ron Thiessen
President & CEO

July 2022

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